The design is never the final product, it’s always a searching journey.
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“We constantly explore possibilities to push design limits in spaces"

Created in 2008 by Raymond Kua, THE DESIGN PRACTICE is a boutique design studio supported by a team of creatively driven designers who are determined to provide highly-skilled interior design consultancy and professional built project management works. While residential works represents the core of our portfolio, we have diversified to commercial and retail projects at our clients’ requests.

Waterplace Condo

“We constantly explore possibilities to push design limits in spaces, with the objective to forge a longstanding relationship with our people and clients. Our clients’ dreams and lifestyles are one core source of inspirations, where we tailor their needs & lifestyle to quirky design ideas for each project.”

Add On: Sealer (Water-Based)

Surface preparation product. It is suitable for use on both new and previously painted surfaces.

$450.00$650.00 Add To Cart

CONDO & PVT APT Painting Services

Condo is a short form to the word Condominium

PVT APT is a short form to the word Private Appointment

$1,500.00$2,500.00 Add To Cart

HDB Painting Services

HDB houses must be a fairly common notion to you if you have lived in Singapore. HDB stands for Housing and Development Board.

$1,500.00$2,500.00 Add To Cart
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